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MOTHERS have joined together to show their support for Jessica by holding a Dressing up Day in their local park which raised a huge £600.
On May 18 around 50 pre-school children met with their mums in Victoria Park in Surbiton for an afternoon of fun and games to raise money to help the cause.
Alix Blakeway, a reception teacher, organised the event with her friend, Teresa Simmonds, a talented designer, who she said, ‘is always on board with good ideas.’
Alix said:
“I couldn’t have done it without Teresa and all of my NCT group. We all wanted to do our bit for Samantha because we all have small children but most of them had never met her or Jessica.”
The afternoon included singing in the park, a puppet show, a raffle, an auction, bubbles, toys, a mini-sports day, pizza, and lots of fantastic costumes.
Alix said:
“We had Pirates and Knights, Princesses and many more. Everyone I spoke to said what a lovely atmosphere there was with all working together to do something important for baby Jessica and her family.”
Alix assigned  everyone a job, from collecting money, taking photographs, calling the auction and of course there was a lot of planning before the event.
She added:
“It was a very simple idea but it took lots of planning. The children had a lot of fun and we did too!”
When the children were all happy and engaged with some toys and puppets and games, we took the mums to one side and hosted the auction and raffle with great prizes including Riverford veg boxes, Jo Malone pamper products and bottles of fizz.
After there was a mini sports day event where every child won a prize and the day finished with pizza and fruit for tea.
Alix said:
“Afterwards we sat down to remind each other what we were raising money for and to add up the funds we had managed to raise. We were delighted to have raised ¬£600 but we would really like to do something else. Perhaps a sponsored pyjamas walk in the park…we would be interested to know if anyone would want to join us in this!”
On behalf of Sam, Ben and Jessica.
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