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Are you having fun at Disney Jess?

With week three fast approaching I thought I better get blogging to all you folk back home. I really wouldn’t want you all getting withdrawal symptoms now would I? It must be bad enough without me being there in person as it is.

Anyhow, as most of you know, we took the little lady to the place where dreams come true… Disney! It was the best medicine yet and Jessica had a grand old time meeting her heroes Mickey and Minnie Mouse and spinning around in the teacups. She loved it and I’m really hoping that our dreams do come true or I’m asking for a refund!

As you drive up to the Park there is the biggest Disney sign with their famous slogan, “The place where dreams come true”. I instantly thought I really do hope so! The whole place is truly magical and Jess just got caught up in all the magic and had a wonderful time despite the very odd and extremely hot weather. We arrived in Orlando on Friday afternoon and spent the whole of Saturday and Sunday walking around four of the Disney parks.

Magical Kingdom – Jess met her hero Mickey, flew with Peter Pan and took a little boat around the ‘It’s a Small World’ ride.

Animal Kingdom – Jess went on her first Safari and met a gorilla, oh and watched the monkeys for hours.

Disney Hollywood Studios – Here Jess danced and sang along with all the Disney Junior characters. For those of you who have no idea what characters I’m talking about (those who probably don’t have kids) they are: Handy Manny, the Mickey Mouse Club House, Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Little Einsteins.

I have to say I wish I filmed her. I’ve never seen her so happy, she loved it and it was definitely the highlight of the whole weekend for Ben and I. So nice to see our little girl happy. We also got to meet Minnie. Jess was more impressed by Minnie than she was Mickey. Mickey did freak her out a little. I don’t blame her as there is something about these life size characters that freak me out, but that’s a different story.

Epcot – Jess got to go deep sea diving with Nemo and explore the underwater world.

The whole Disney experience was truly spectacular and just what the three of us needed.

To top off our magical long weekend on Monday we decided to go to Sea World for the day. Apart from their impressive roller coasters and the Shamu show, I have to say we were all a little disappointed. Then came along a phone call from the hospital that added further disappointment.

After enjoying a few relatively normal days, reality came along and slapped us around the face with big wet fish  – which it probably picked up somewhere within Sea World. The hospital was phoning to notify us that Jess had a MRI scan the very next day! This was the first we heard about it, so early on Tuesday morning we made tracks back to Jacksonville (a little earlier than planned) to be greeted with blood tests and a big fat anaesthetist… Welcome back from your vacation Jessica!

Ben and I were a little panicked about this MRI as we really didn’t realise she needed one. The only phone call we were expecting from the hospital was the one to say that they are ready to start Jessica’s treatment. Another MRI… Really? The poor girl has had about 20 in her little life so far. Yet there are many more MRI and tests to come, I just hate seeing Jess having to go through all of this as it must be so scary for her. The one thing that keeps us going is the thought that she won’t actually remember any of this.

After numerous phone calls we were rest assured that the MRI was just routine and part of the construction of her treatment plan. On the upside though, Jessica had her baseline hearing and eye test on Wednesday and she passed with flying colours. Just praying to God that it remains like that, we have been told that radiation could damage both her hearing and eyesight. Going to keep everything crossed, as I would hate for Jess to loose her sight at such a young age.

We have spent the last couple of days since getting home from Orlando just chilling around the house and enjoying the time with Jessica. She is on such top form! She has learnt a few more words like ‘no’ and ‘tea’ and she has learnt a few more dance moves to Beyonce and Foster the People which are a new band she quite likes. Ben and I are keeping well and are enjoying the lovely Skype calls with all our family and friends plus all the lovely messages we are receiving from back home. It’s messages like these that are getting us through this experience. So please keep them coming. We love hearing from you all.

I started my new dance class this week in San Marco, which was really cool.  Not as much attitude as I thought there would be. We danced to some really cool music and after three weeks of eating non-stop, it felt so good to do some exercise. I haven’t danced like that in years and used some muscles I forgot I even had, so I felt a little sore the next morning.

Ben went to watch another NFL game on Thursday night with the other Proton Dads. They had a Tailgate party before the game started. Being the sporting fanatic that he is, Ben really enjoyed himself. He is really getting into the American sport. It’s so important for Ben and I to have a little ‘me’ time otherwise I think we would most probably end up coming home on separate planes.

While Ben was at the NFL game Jess and I went to play BINGO! It was so much fun, it took me back to 1996, Woolacombe Bay in Devon with the Jeffs family. That was the best holiday ever and one I would like to relive again with all the gang plus all the new additions. I will never forget loosing my brand new Reebok classics in the sinking mud… ha-ha! Oh to be 11 again with not a single worry in the world, apart from what heart top I was going to get Mummy to buy me from Tammy Girl. Jess enjoyed her first ever game of bingo and won two prizes. So cute, before each game the bingo caller shouts “one, two, three let’s play bingo” and Jess would cheer along with her. We will be going again next week so I might see if I can film Jess doing this. So funny!!

We are going to hit the beaches this weekend. We may go to Amelia Island. It’s only a 45min drive from Jacksonville but it’s supposed to be really pretty. Apparently you can search for sharks’ teeth there. Very excited about this and I will let you know about our adventure next week in part four of my blog.

We found out today that Jessica’s treatment is going to start next Tuesday so we are going to get in as much sea and sand action in before Jessica’s treatment starts. During the week while Jess is having treatment, she won’t be able to do things like swim and hang out at the beach as her port will be accessed and by doing so it may cause infection. The news of her start date brought a mixture of emotions for me. I’m happy at the fact that we are going to try to zap this tumour once and for all, but sad at the thought of the side effects that Proton may have on Jess. This is where I need to remain positive. So please send those positive vibes across the ocean to me.

I’m also thinking about getting another tattoo next week. Thinking about getting the Hand of Fatima tattooed on my wrist. This symbol is supposed to protect you against the evil eye and represents blessing, power, health and strength (I might get my whole body tattooed with it). My last two tattoos were done in the States and seeing as everybody is tattooed-up out here, I figured it’s probably a safe bet getting another one down while I’m out here. I’ve been wanting to get one for ages but couldn’t decide what to get. I’ve always liked the symbol of the hand of Fatima and the meaning is pretty relative at the moment. I might just go for it (sorry Mum and Dad).

So that was week two in a nutshell for you all. I hope everyone back home is good and well. Sorry to hear about all the wet and cold weather you are having. If it’s any consolation, it’s way too hot out here and I’m thankful when it rains. Just goes to show we are never happy with the weather. One of those things we love to moan about.

Take care xx

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