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Thank God for modern technology (iPad 2), the wonders of YouTube plus the help from the beautiful Beyonce. With all those three things combined you get a very chilled out and happy little Jess.

So the trio-op went well on Monday. We went down at 8.30am and after being faced with a very odd anaesthetist, lovely caring nurses and a rather religious volunteer, Jess was all set and ready for her op.

The anaesthetist scared the crap out of Ben and I.  Really hard to explain, but all I can say is, she was hard work. I can’t put my finger on which part of the world she came from, but communication between us was not that great. This left Ben and I worried about leaving Jess in her hands. However, the nurses were so lovely and Jess was having a ball of a time. A volunteer called Dana was also floating around and with every given opportunity she had, she would come sit next to me and tell me about God’s plan.

See apparently, the way he sees it, is that I’m weak and he is teaching me how to be stronger. Not to sure what to make of God’s plan. Guess I’m open to all suggestions as to why this is happening to us. I’m not overly religious, but since Jess has been poorly I do like my little chats with the big man upstairs. Guess you can say I have faith. Not to sure I liked a stranger preaching to me just before Jess was due to go down for her operation and telling me how weak I am, when all I’m really trying to do is keep it together because at this point, the very odd anaesthetist is really starting to stress me out big time! I’m sure Dana was only trying to help though, she meant well and was really sweet. Reminded me of Denise van Outen actually.

Jess was in the operating theatre for two-and-a-bit-hours. Felt like a lifetime. All Ben and I wanted was to give her a cuddle. We jumped out of our seats when we saw her being wheeled back into her room. She looked so tiny now that her belly had gone and she felt so light. They must have drained A LOT of fluid. The markers in her head you can hardly see and her port was inserted successfully too.

Jess spent most of the day recovering watching Beyonce live at Glastonbury on the iPad. We have it recorded at home on the Sky Box; she must watch it about three times a day. Jess loves dancing along with Beyonce. I have to say, my girl has rhythm. Which is more than I can say for her daddy. So with the wonders of YouTube, Jess was able to watch it over here too. This has been a godsend. It chills Jess out and makes her seem to forget all her pain.

Jess was discharged the next day and we had to go straight to the Proton Clinic for her CT simulation. They had to sedate her again as she needed to keep real still, plus they needed to make her a bespoke mask whilst she was sleeping. The mask will be used with each Proton session to ensure her head stays still.

This took about 45mins. While Jess was down, it gave Ben and I a chance to meet the recovery team at Proton – Kendra and Gina. This is where Jess will be coming everyday for six weeks. They were both so lovely, extremely caring and sweet. It also gave us the chance to see what the system is at Proton. We got to see two kids coming round from their Proton treatment. Think it really hit home just how much it drains the kids. Once they hit that half way point they really do get the life sucked out of them and the redness we have seen on some of the kiddies looks so painful. We have been told it’s like sunburn from where the beams enter the body so we have stocked up on a lot of after sun.

On a positive note, the Proton Clinic is very relaxed and the whole team seem amazing. I think we are going to make good friends there. Oh, just in case you were wondering why Jess needed another scan, it’s so they can come up with a tailored treatment plan for her. So, all being well, we should start treatment in two weeks time!

With two weeks off… Orlando and Disney here we come! Assuming hurricane Irene doesn’t get in our way that is. After the extremely bad year we’ve had we now deserve a bit of good and with Jessica’s love of Mickey Mouse, I’m sure this will be a massive hit for her. She bloody deserves it!

Oh, another thing that’s happened this week, I tried meatloaf for the first time. Think my plans for becoming a veggie have now been put on hold. It was so good! I have, however, put myself on a burger, fries and bread strike.

My eating has now got out of control. I’ve given up smoking but seem to have now picked up a 20-a-day eating habit. Super size Sammy, but have no fear, I’ve found a dance trance group to join so I can burn off those extra few pounds (cough, cough) I have seemed to have gained since being here. Really don’t think that X-large slice of Reece’s Chocolate Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory today helped much. Oh well diet starts tomorrow… again!


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