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Ok, so this is my first ever go at blogging. So please excuse the grammar and spelling mistakes (It’s bound to happen).

So for those of you who don’t know we have our date!!! We set of early on Sat 13th August. So we are very busy getting everything packed and ready (we only found out Thursday last week). Both Ben and I have a lists as long as our arms of things we need to do before we go. We have known for ages that this time would come, and that we really wouldn’t have much warning, so you would have thought we would have been more prepared!!

Jessica has had an amazing couple of weeks. It’s so nice to hear her little laugh again. Her little character is starting to come back after all those horrible visits in hospital. My fear is that sparkle is going to disappear once we get to America. She is going to be back in strange surroundings, with different doctors and nurses all wanting a piece of her. Not too sure how she is going to handle all these changes again! Think we are going to get through ALOT of chocolate buttons!! I’m hoping after a few weeks she will get into the swing of things and make some little buddies.

We still don’t really know much on where we are staying and when the treatment is actually going to start. So once we know I will post something on FB or the site to update you all. The support we have received from you all has been pretty amazing. We are so blessed to have people like you in our lives. So thank you so much guys. I’m sure we will remain in your thoughts and prayers! We ask you to send lots of positive vibes towards Jacksonville!!

Positive and open minded all the way……xxxxxx



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