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A little note from Sam….

Hello everyone,

Well, it happened! Our family fun day was a massive success. From the kids crafts to all the fantastic live music. The event team of my dearest friends and most importantly Jo and Steve from the Squirrel Pub. Each and everyone of you who took part did our little girl, Jessica Rose proud. The floods of people who turned up was so overwhelming and helped us to reach our goal! We raised an amazing £14,000! As a mother I feel very helpless, Jess knows I will always be there to wipe away her tears and give her the biggest cuddles but her illness is out of my hands. All this money you’ve helped to raise however, has now given her the chance she deserves and at last I feel like I’m helping her.

Since May the Jessica Rose Foundation has raised an astonishing £34,000 and money is still coming in. This is going to help us get Jessica across to the states for life saving treatment, any rehabilliation she requires and future treatments (if required). I would also like to think I will one day be able to help other families in simular situations to ours.

Thank you SO much for all your support!


Here are the pictures!!

(By Lucy Cork and Simon Jaffery)

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